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Michael Strahan and his skin and shave routine

Michael Strahan wears a lot of hats – Father, Emmy winner, Super Bowl Champion, NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer, Peabody award winning journalist, co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” analyst for “Fox NFL Sunday,” host of ABC prime time game show The “$100,000 Pyramid,” best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Safe to say, if anyone has mastered the art of doing it all while feeling and looking your best— it’s Michael. This was the motivation behind the 2015 launch of his apparel brand. Often in over 3 suits a day, Michael needed styles that were not only stylish and professional but versatile and confidence boosting. He needed outfits that could take him from on camera, to the gym, to business meetings and beyond. Consumers clearly agreed and over the years, the brand has expanded adding styles from Pajamas to tuxedos, licensed apparel for men and women, boys, shoes, luggage and more.

Michael saw that when you dress well, you step into the room with confidence. But he also saw that the outfit is only half the equation. Skincare and grooming was the missing link in the routine and it was often neglected for all men. So in his latest endeavor, Michael is expanding Michael Strahan™ with Michael Strahan™ skin and shave routine, a skincare and grooming collection to help all men, of all ethnicities and all ages tackle the day with confidence.

Confidence is The Routine.



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