Conditioning Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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This hydrating formula helps keep facial hair feeling smooth – as well as the skin below. A mix of natural argan, jojoba and almond oils helps defend beards against coarse, broken and frizzy hairs and maintain your skin’s moisture.

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ULUncle Louie

I’ve used beard oil for years and never had one that feels and smells as nice as this one. My face is soft now and so is my beard.

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How to Use

  1. Apply desired amount into palm of hand and massage into clean facial hair and skin.

Pro   tip Use any leftover oil on your hands to soften your nail cuticles.

Beard Oil

The    Dream Team: Three Natural Oils On A Mission

Each of these oils brings a unique strength to this defensive blend: Argan oil softens scruffy hairs and helps protect them with antioxidants. Jojoba oil nourishes and hydrates facial hair. And sweet almond oil moisturizes the skin below.

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Every formula is:

  • clinically proven
  • safe for sensitive skin
  • hypoallergenic

And free from:

  • plastics
  • silicones
  • harsh chemicals

Packaged in aluminum because Michael recycles.

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